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Join the race to Quantum supremacy


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After many years of innovation, and software & technology expertise, allow us to offer our partners and customers a competitive edge. As a leader in technology, we have the end-to-end capabilities necessary to design, build, and integrate critical subsystems and components to facilitate Quantum Computing to your future!

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What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is based on the principles of the superposition of matter and quantum entanglement and uses a different computation method from the traditional one. This new generation of supercomputers uses knowledge of quantum mechanics — the area of physics that studies atomic and subatomic particles — to overcome the limitations of classic computing and it makes it possible to perform multiple simultaneous operations and eliminates the tunnel effect that limits current nano metric scale programming.

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Quantum computing will revolutionize the way we work.

As a leading technology company, we will shape the adoption and integration of quantum information systems into the industries we serve.

Quantum computing may provide life-saving medical applications we have never seen the likes of before. Implementing these applications, however, will take a measured and mindful approach. Thankfully, we have a few years before this technology becomes mainstream, allowing the healthcare industry to fully grasp quantum’s true capabilities and challenges in the meantime.
One of the most promising applications for Quantum Computing is solving logistics and manufacturing scheduling problems, Quantum computing is known to have applications in cryptography, in simulating complex systems, in the development of new materials and drugs, and many more.
Running Monte Carlo simulations on classical computers would take hours or even days. However, they can be done in seconds with quantum computing and huge data sets. Better risk analysis also has the advantage of satisfying regulators’ concerns, as FIs can pinpoint risks and address them proactively.
Complex nature of energy systems due to their structure and large number of design and operational constraints make energy systems optimization a hard problem for most available algorithms in which case using quantum algorithm on quantum computing hardware is crucial to provide accurate calculations and predictions
Quantum computing is just one of the many functions towards the development of a quantum network that will deliver the quantum Internet
Despite all their achievements, our silicon learning buddies remain handicapped: machine learning algorithms and traditional CPUs don’t play well, partly because the greedy algorithms tax classical computing hardware. Add in a dose of quantum computing, however, and machine learning could potentially process complex problems beyond current abilities at a fraction of the time.